VFN Prayer & Fasting Community

…golden bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.
Revelation 5:8



Vine Fellowship Network’s Prayer & Fasting Community

Every believer’s life is to be filled with all kinds of prayers as each of us speak continually and listen intently to our Father God and Lord Jesus Christ in Their leading us.  In addition, there are times of focused prayer where, often described as corporate prayer, believers join together in prayer and fasting over a period of time.  Vine Fellowship Network’s Prayer & Fasting Community, VFN PFC, is just the place where that happens within VFN.

Our Father God has set Jesus as the head of the Church, the first born from among us and the One Who leads us.  VFN PFC is a time set aside in our virtual prayer room where we together, in our prayer community, seek His will, His direction, His presence, and His Glory here on earth.

If you are interested in joining the VFN PFC, I don’t think you could have a better aspiration in the Kingdom of God than to join this awesome prayer community as we humbly seek His face, presence and direction for us all.

There are specific commitments for those who choose to join the VFN PFC that are necessary.

These Commitments are:

1.  Be a minister in Vine Fellowship Network of Related Ministers or a member of a Vine Fellowship Network of Related Churches.

2.  Agree to make, have or begin to develop a sacred trust which is a prayer plan and schedule.

3. Seek to support VFN PFC Forerunners or become a VFN Forerunner.

4.  To stand at least one full watch (three hours) a week.

5. To Sign up for a month of watches the moment the month’s watches are posted, which will be not later than the last watch of the present month.

6.  By signing up you are saying you understand that VFN PFC is a community of faithful forerunners who are seeking to live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting and that you understand that each part of the community works together as community; you and your awareness of and following of procedures are imperative to maintain community.

7.  To personally seek and secure a VFN PFC member to stand your watch if you are not able to stand the watch you have committed to by getting their personal commitment to stand your watch yourself then both you and the VFN PFC member who agreed with you to take your watch notifying the VFN PFC Watch coordinator at watchcoordinator@vfnpfc.com.

8. To transition your watch at its start and end by logging in and communicating with the VFN PFC member you are relieving and not logging out or stopping your watch, until you are assured the VFN PFC member that is relieving you has logged in and/or is present.  Understanding “Community” is a focus of VFN PFC in regards to corporate focused prayer.

Life is filled with so much of seeking self-satisfaction, making our lives more comfortable and finding out “what’s in it for us and our kingdom.”  By joining the VFN PFC you get a chance to step outside of yourself into the presence of Father God and our Lord and Bride Groom Jesus Christ by serving a three (3) hour prayer watch that has a focus of seeking God’s satisfaction, making His presence more comfortable and finding out “what’s in it for our Father and His Kingdom.”