Stop and Think
Overcoming Testimony – Meet My Father
Run To Win THE PRIZE - Redefining Winning
Empty Houses & Open Doors
Be Fruitful & Multiply
Living as a Disciple Maker:
What is a Disciple?
The Command to Make Disciples
The Heart of a Disciple Maker
Living as the Church:
Life in the Church
The Local Church
Emmaus Road - VFN Dream Center
The Global Church
Five Pillars of Abiding with the Lord
What is abiding?
Word - The Life & Power that's in the Word
The Importance of Journaling
Gratitude - The Power of Gratitude
What - What is God saying to you about you?
Where - Where did the Lord stop you
and get your attention?
Cross - It is finished
A Blessing for your Abiding Time
VFN Dream Center – The Vision
Evidence the Bible is True and Accurate
Studying the Bible Prayerfully and Obediently
Why Study the Bible?
How to Study the Bible
Understanding the Old Testament
The Fall
Studying Logically
God's Covenant with Abraham
Exodus and Redemption
God’s Covenant with Moses
The Kingdom of God
Sacrifice and Atonement
God’s Presence on Earth
Exile and the Promise of Restoration
Understanding the New Testament
Jesus the Messiah
The Great Commission
The Spirit of God
Authority vs. Power
I give you Authority to overcome
all the Power of the Enemy
Wait for the Promise of Our Father;
POWER to do His WILL and to do all Jesus did
The Explanation of the Promise; Holy Spirit
The Promise
Crank it Up a Notch God!
Ask for Boldness in Times of Persecution
Dangers of Denial or Rejecting the Holy Spirit
Just Like Us
Salvation, Man’s Vision of Hell
& the Wrath of God
What Baptism Did You Receive?
The Blessing of Shameless Audacity
The Sin of Simon; Men’s Lust for Power
A Controlled Burn
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me
The Role of the Holy Spirit
Understanding the New Testament
The Early Church
With it Persecution
Good News for All Nations
The End of the Story
Healing in Action
40 Days of Activation
Wisdom on moving in healing