Greg Lancaster

Founder and Pastor

Greg Lancaster was blessed to have ministered with Pastor John Kilpatrick and experience the Glory of God as the Holy Spirit blessed him and a multitude of people in the world at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida.  He currently serves as the senior leader of the VFN Dream Center.  With over twenty-five years of ministry including the founding of the Next Step Outback’s, VFNtv & the Daily VFNRadio Program that is reaching the Gulf Coast and around the world, he founded Vine Fellowship Network, (VFN) a network of related churches, ministers and believers of which the VFN Dream Center is a part; the VFN HUB.  He is fulfilling his apostolic call by helping to establish churches and connect to ministers that feel called to relate to him apostolically. His hunger for his abiding relationship with the Lord birthed a passion in him to help believers and ministers establish a personal abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and live their lives and minister from the overflow of their abiding experience in the context of knowing and living in the joyful family of God. Greg Lancaster is the founder of Greg Lancaster Ministries who founded and leads:


Vine Fellowship Network
VFN Dream Center
VFN Prayer & Fasting Community
VFN Related Minister
VFN Related Churches
VFNtv & the Daily VFNRadio Program
VFN Torch
VFN Kingdom Business