A Time for Choosing. America Under Attack? A Prophetic Warning

An angel came and spoke specifically about America and what is to happen to America.  Certain states are named and said their destiny is to burn.  It was revealed that though America is one nation, God sees the states and their individual governments and personal choices as their own and judges them accordingly.  He reveals that America will be attacked by China and Russia, how it will happen, why it will happen and what will happen to Taiwan, the American dollar, the division in America, Israel, nuclear consequences and so much more. It doesn’t seem like America will be over, but there will be a great loss of life and geographical turmoil and that it truly will never be the same, if this is to come to pass.

God is a merciful God, filled with compassion, wanting everyone to be saved.  One of the ways He shows us His mercy is to warn us about trouble ahead and gives us a “grace period” to repent and/or prepare.  He decided, as a merciful God, that He would do nothing unless He first reveals it to mankind, to us, through His prophets.  When the people of the earth leave His ways and they do not respond to His warnings, He shakes the earth to teach citizens of the earth righteousness.  It’s sad, but true, the fact that generation after generation of people, even those who claim to be His people say to themselves, ‘God’s warnings mean nothing, because it never happens.  It’s been so long since He has warned us, and nothing has happened.’  Instead of seeing the gap of time, which often is decades, even centuries, but other times much less, as His mercy, giving us a chance to repent, and align our hearts and lives with His righteous ways, many say things like, “I’m tired of hearing about this warning.  Stop telling me about it.  I’m just going to live my life (in darkness) and let it just happen.  I don’t want to know it’s coming.” On and on, the longer it takes, the darker they get, and the less faith they have, instead of choosing to repent, live a righteous life in Christ Jesus and strengthen their “measure” of faith.   History shows people have abused, persecuted, imprisoned, and even killed those that God speaks His warnings to, the prophets, as the prophet shares to them what God made known to them.  Every generation says, they’d never do what past generations did to God’s messengers, yet many who say this, do the same.  God told the prophet Samuel, they are not rejecting you, when God’s people didn’t listen to God’s warning given through Samuel, “they are rejecting Me.”

This message is a warning of what is near [outside of God changing His mind, which He does when His people humble themselves, pray and repent of their sin] and it appears it is imminent.

God knows those who are His and can keep those who are His from difficult days of shaking, war, and judgment, but it is for His people to hear the voice of His Spirit and follow Him as true sons and daughters of God.  This is how He protects those who are His, by speaking to us and telling us what to do, where to go, where not to go, how to prepare, what to say and when to say it.  Jesus tells us, ‘My sheep know My voice and follow Me, they do not follow a stranger.’ God will save those who are His, but they will be saved “THROUGH the fire” as was Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, not “FROM the fire.”

A Time for Choosing. American Under Attack? A Prophetic Warning
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A Time for Choosing. American Under Attack? A Prophetic Warning
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