FIRST LOVE! Love Your Enemies…Tortured For Christ (Part 17)

What happened to Jesus on the Cross, which was permitted by God, and accepted by Jesus, was torture, which caused a horrific death.  Yet, it was the greatest act of passionate love by God, giving His Son for us, and Jesus accepting the cross because of His love for you and His Father. Jesus took on the sins of the world taking the punishment for the sins of mankind on Himself so that those who believe in Him and accept Him as their Lord can be saved from death.  Most Christians know this to be true, but few know that many have been, are being and will be tortured because of their faith in Jesus Christ. You may live in a culture that allows you to worship Jesus freely, but not every nation, and every culture has that privilege.  Yet, just as every believer is called to do, they too, must not fall from their first love.  They too must “Love [Agape] their Enemies” the very ones who torture them because of their faith, Tortured For Christ. Sabina Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of Martyrs, and her husband are an example to us all who call upon the name of Jesus as our Lord to follow when we are faced with such a life.

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