God’s Secret Wisdom – Perceiving the Thoughts of God – Part 1

God’s Spirit searches ALL THINGS and even the DEEP THINGS OF GOD and makes them known to those who are the Lord’s.  So many people want to have a conversation with those who have done great things. They push in while in a crowd trying to get close enough to either ask a question or to see if they can schedule a time to meet.  Men do this to those they feel have gained success in life and accomplished “great things” in their own measure.  They do this in hopes that they can somehow gain wisdom for their own life and reach the same success.  This message tells you how you can have access to the Creator of all things, including the men and women others try to get access to.

Imagine the Creator of the World, the Universe, and YOU, who are fearfully and wonderfully made and who have within your own body the ability to reproduce yourself in conceiving another human being like yourself who can do the same.  WOW, this is the One you want to get access to and hear all that He will share with you.  GOOD NEWS! “God makes His thoughts known to man.” And He shares His “Secret Wisdom” with the mature.  That’s right, if you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you have access.  You’ll learn in part one of this series revealed to Greg Lancaster by the Spirit of God, how God speaks to us in many ways, but also mostly through thoughts.   You’ll also learn how our adversary, satan, speaks to us with thoughts as well and how to discern the difference between God’s thoughts, satan’s thoughts, and your own thoughts. You’ll learn from God’s Word, scripture, that God is always speaking, and it is for us to perceive what He is saying and even to conceive it in our minds, just as a mother would conceive a child in her womb. You’ll learn that God, Holy Spirit, and angels don’t communicate as we do so it’s important to understand how they do for you to know the thoughts of God, which are good towards you.  Finally, you’ll see how your own destiny will be determined by the thought(s) you choose to believe.

God is wanting to pour out His heart to you, to make His thoughts known to you. Learn how you can perceive His heart and thoughts and begin an amazing adventure with the Creator of the Universe!

God’s Secret Wisdom - Perceiving the Thoughts of God -Part 1
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God’s Secret Wisdom - Perceiving the Thoughts of God -Part 1
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