Iniquity Drives

Looking at the landscape of our culture, flipping through newsfeeds and political conversations, it’s easy to see that the climate of our nation is becoming darker and darker. As we get closer to Jesus’ return, darkness will only increase. As the Church, we must focus on the Light and being the light in the darkness. Often, we talk about “sin”, and “getting the sin” out of our lives. But there is something within each and everyone of us that goes deeper than this “sin”; iniquity.

In his message, ‘Iniquity Drivers’, Pastor John Kilpatrick reveals how real and evident iniquity is in all of us. Gone unchecked, it is only a matter of time before we are consumed by it. One day we are bold witnesses for light, but then become deceived, consumed by darkness, and now vehemently criticize the light we once lived by. Pastor Kilpatrick doesn’t mince words as he boldly declares the truth that we must soberly hear and seek out, especially in this hour. As darkness increases it will become harder and harder to find sound Biblical truth. This message is sure to be a repeated message that you listen to/watch/revisit over and over.

I Will Save America