Jezebels Children

It’s no surprise to recognize that we are unprecedented times. We are in uncharted waters. Never has a generation been exposed to as much as information; been as distracted, been exposed to as much darkness and evil. Jesus is not surprised.

When Jesus revealed Himself to John, which would letter be penned into the book that we now know as Revelation, He told John that all of Jezebel’s children would be struck dead if they did not repent. These were not physical, natural children. These were spiritual children from the woman Jezebel who lived on the Earth 1,000’s of years ago. How does that make sense? If we only focus on the ‘surface level’ topics of “lust”, “fear”, “discouragement” and “depression”, we will forever be blind to the reality of the underlying spirit that exists: the spirit of Jezebel.

In this urgent and timely word, Jentezen Franklin highlights the vital importance for every Christian, near and far, to recognize the spiritual reality that we are all in. In addition to the reality of this truth, how we are to fight it, and most importantly, how to live VICTORIOUSLY! Do not let this message be missed. This is crucial. This is vital. This is imperative truth.

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