Life’s Challenges, God’s Plan, Those Who Have Access & Running for Your Life!

Did you get a prophetic word over your life years ago and are confused and frustrated at where you are? Have you turned your back on a prophetic word because of life circumstances that seem to be taking place that is far from the word you were given? Have you found yourself divided from someone, but don’t know why? In this, through leaning about the life of King David, before he was king, get a better look at your own life and what you might be facing. In addition, the blinders will be removed from your eyes, if there is one, regarding what you might have been allowing to be spoken into your life, or you have spoken into the lives of others. You discover gossip is not as innocent as satan convinced you that it was for it can divide you from the very ones God has called you to walk with which is to ensure your success in the plans of God. A power packed now word for everyone who wants to be walking in the will and plan of God for their life.

ALL IN? You’ll never go wrong when you are ALL IN for God!
Goals! Setting Youself Up for Success