Pressure – Genuine Faith

Have you ever wondered why diamonds are so expensive? Just a beginning insight of the process that is endured for one diamond to be made helps us to understand. This process begins 100 miles below the Earth’s surface which starts with insurmountable pressure and heat; think volcanic eruptions…. That is the beginning.

Have you had experiences in your life that could be described as volcanic eruptions? How different would you respond to events in life if, instead of seeing a volcano erupting, you saw a diamond being formed in your life? The truth is, there is pressure in life. It is an unavoidable fact. How many times do we immediately respond to pressure and heat as if something wrong has happened?

This message provides a new perspective at life, at life’s experiences, and possibly past experiences. What we may have once avoided and ran away from, we can now openly accept and be grateful for; the beginning of diamonds. You will take away precious truths of how God may be working in your life and also will be provided powerful truths within Scripture to hold on to when the pressure and heat seem unbearable.

Pressure - Genuine Faith
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Pressure - Genuine Faith
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