The A.I. Dilemma and the Church (Part 9) Mount Carmel – God vs. Baal

In this part of the series, the focus is on the A.I. dilemma and its connection to Mount Carmel, where the confrontation between God and Baal took place. It starts with a dream had in January 2020, where God revealed the dangers associated with the 2020 election and the influence of a new religion of Baal in America and how those who seek to turn American away from God are using technology, Artificial Intelligence to promote the religion of Baal.

The narrative delves into the significance of Baal worship, which represents the people’s sinful desires and their willingness to do anything to achieve their goals. The description includes aspects of Baal worship, such as sacred prostitution, fertility symbolism, part of temple worship, and appeasement of their “deity,” i.e., demons. It highlights how Baal worship involves sexual perversion and symbolizes union with satan.

The writer draws parallels between the Mount Carmel confrontation and the current state of affairs, emphasizing that just like in the biblical story, there is a spiritual battle between God and satan happening today. The story of Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal to prove the true God is recounted as an example of choosing between the Lord and false gods.

The narrative then shifts to discuss the A.I. technology, particularly its influence in modern society. It references studies that reveal how people often neglect to read the terms of service agreements for various applications and services, allowing A.I. to gain access to their lives without their full understanding.

The writer warns about the deceptive nature of A.I., which promises happiness and fulfillment but ultimately leads to a sense of emptiness and captivity. It touches on the impact of A.I. on privacy and individual freedom, presenting a dystopian future dominated by corporations and A.I. technology.

Furthermore, the message speaks specifically of instances of A.I. in the present, such as the Replika chatbot, where people are surrendering their souls over to Replika A.I. designed to replicate and engage users in conversations that mimic genuine human interactions. The focus is on seducing people into being lovers of themselves, rather than lovers of God, i.e., Baal. The cautionary message centers on the idea of exchanging real relationships with God for simulated experiences provided by A.I. It emphasizes the importance of being aware of the deceptive nature of the last days and the danger of becoming lovers of self, pleasure, and A.I., rather than lovers of God.

Overall, the narrative presents a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of A.I. and how it can be used to deceive and manipulate individuals away from their faith and true relationship with God. The story of Mount Carmel serves as a metaphorical reminder of the importance of choosing to follow the one true God amidst the allure of false gods and A.I. technologies.

The A.I. Dilemma and the Church (Part 9) Mount Carmel - God vs. Baal
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The A.I. Dilemma and the Church (Part 9) Mount Carmel - God vs. Baal
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