The Blessing (Part 1)

This message is going to open your heart and mind to understand the multifaceted breakthrough Jesus won for those who are His on the Cross at Calvary.  Everyone and everything was blessed when God created the earth and man, but when Adam and Eve fell in the Garden a curse came upon everything and everyone and has been passed down through our bloodline, our DNA. Jesus became a curse by being nailed to a tree/cross so that the curse that came upon everyone and everything since the fall in the garden can be broken and the blessing restored.  You’ll learn how the curse has been and is being carried throughout all generations and how it gives access to our adversary who carries it, more importantly you’ll learn how that curse was destroyed at the Cross and now The Blessing travels from God, through Abraham, through Jesus to you and your children and children’s children, generationally.  You’ll discover how before the cruse things happen much quicker and waiting is part of the curse. When that curse is removed, you begin to see and believe for that which God promises to come to pass quickly not by the sweat of your brow which is part of the curse, but by the blessing of God which is part of the blessing.  Get ready for a mind flip, flipping from a cursed mindset to a blessing mindset.

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