The Secret to the Good Life

Today, so many people want to live the “good life”.  They want to live a life free from hopelessness, defeat, depression, lack, fear, division, and strife.  In this message titled “The Secret to Living the Good Life you will learn about how to live a life filled with favor, abundance, blessing, and the full endorsement of Heaven.   Life is not as complicated as we have sometimes made it out to be.  God did not bring us into this world to be helpless and defeated but Jesus came that we would have life and have it to the fullest.  The secret is simple and yet profound.  It comes with the complete backing of Heaven.  The Secret is simple yet profound: it’s simply living to do the Will of God.  In the message you learn how to define the will of God.  This messages addresses the following questions in regards to living a to do the Will of God such as…

What accompanies the Will of God?

Discovering the four key areas where you can find the Will of God

How does life and ministry change when you are pursuing the Will of God?

What if you miss God’s Will?

What do we know without a shadow of doubt is God’s Will?

God has provided everything we need to know to pursue His Will and get on to Living the Good Life.

The Secret to the Good Life
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The Secret to the Good Life
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