Vexed, Overcoming the Demonic (Part 23) Familiar Spirits (Part 1)

In this message, you will discover what a familiar spirit is, how it operates, and how it can be transferred through persons, places, things, generations, and bloodlines. Additionally, you will learn about how familiar spirits can travel through rebellion and disobedience, and how they are after your destiny, not just simply tripping you up.

A familiar spirit has a demonic assignment to study people, groups, territories, and especially family bloodlines.  The goal is to gather history and intelligence that will give demons open doors to instigate chaos and destruction and hinder destinies. Therefore, it is important for parents to protect their children from familiar spirits as they can easily be taken in by them.

You will also learn how soul ties to a person(s), place(s), and things can happen because of a familiar spirit and satan uses these soul ties to lead us back to a familiar spirit as one of his tools. As a woman, you will discover how many women have been held back from fully following God in their call because of a familiar spirit that has come down through the denominational bloodline. If this applies to you, it’s time to be free!

Finally, we will discover how everyone has had or has a lien on their lives, which the devil seeks to collect by destroying, hurting, or killing us. However, the reality is that Jesus paid in full these liens on our lives by nailing them to the cross when He was nailed to the cross at Calvary. It is time to stand up and obey God and stop giving in to the devil. It is time to rise and take charge of what God has called you to!

Vexed, Overcoming the Demonic Part 23 Familiar Spirits (Part 1)
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Vexed, Overcoming the Demonic Part 23 Familiar Spirits (Part 1)
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