VFN Prayer & Fasting Community

…golden bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.
Revelation 5:8


VFN PFC Application



Mondays are the only day we are presently having a 24 hour watch. It consists of eight (8) watches, which are scheduled in the central time zone:

1st Watch: 12-3 AM (Morning)
2nd Watch: 3-6 AM
3rd Watch: 6-9 AM
4th Watch: 9-12 PM (Noon)
5th Watch: 12-3 PM
6th Watch: 3-6 PM
7th Watch: 6-9 PM
8th Watch: 9PM-12 AM (Midnight)

Same watches based on a 2400 hour clock:

1st Watch: 0001-0300
2nd Watch: 0300-0600
3rd Watch: 0600-0900
4th Watch: 0900-1200
5th Watch: 1200-1500
6th Watch: 1500-1800
7th Watch:1800-2100
8th Watch: 2100-2400

I have read and agree with the vision and purpose of VFN PFC.* Yes