In 2013 the Lord began to speak to me about planting the VFN Dream Center (VFN DC), an Apostolic Center, as part of Vine Fellowship Network.  The Lord specifically showed me I was to plant VFN DC on the Gulf Coast, in Pensacola, Florida.  He showed me that VFN DC was like a battleship that was patrolling up and down the Gulf Coast and that He would use VFN DC to help bring protection.  He also told me that He was going to deal directly with spiritual strongholds that have hindered the region for some time and by doing so He is going to bring a revival where He will draw many people to Himself.  He told me two specific things that would happen to open the way for VFN DC and the Glory Zone and the moment I stepped out into the city to plant VFN DC, I met with a minister in the city for coffee and God had him confirm exactly what He had told me before we even sat down for our cup of coffee.

God definitely laid on my heart that He is establishing a “Glory Zone” for His presence on the Gulf Coast and sent many prophetic men and women, one from as far away as Nigeria, Africa, who also confirmed this word.   The Glory Zone is being established on the Gulf Coast that will enable the Gulf Coast to impact the nations as once again He brings revival to the Gulf Coast.

I had the privilege to be a part of the Brownsville Revival and minister alongside of Pastor John Kilpatrick, a spiritual father to me in the Lord.  I was at Brownsville Assembly of God, Father’s Day 1995 and I can’t explain the joy of being in God’s presence but there is nothing, I mean nothing, like the presence of God!! We were created for His presence!!  Now the Lord is going to move all over the Gulf Coast and touch the nations from this region, again.  Not only is VFN DC a local church, it also serves as an Apostolic Center, a ministry HUB for related churches and ministers who are working together for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through an Apostolic Center or HUB for Vine Fellowship Network.

We are honored that you have taken the time to find out more about our history and pray the Lord will lead you to the Church family He has called you to join.  I want you to know, you are welcome here!


Greg Lancaster

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